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From the Quality Department of Onubafruit is conducted an exhaustive control of the products before the commercial output to different customers.

Analyzing the measurement of the sugar in the fruit, the control of the weight of labeling … and verifying to the millimeter that the specifications of the clients are fulfilled to assure this way its satisfaction.

Every cooperative is provided with its own quality department perfectly structured and has the necessary means to proceed to the quality control according to the specifications of the clients.

Our finished traceability system allows an exact control of the games, in ascending order, from the origin supermarket and descending, from the supermarket to the producer.

Onubafruit heads towards the sustainable agriculture and the quality departments and I D work jointly and they are inscribed in several sostenibilidad projects: 

  • Project ZERYA. The production of zero waste of berries.
  • We have 20ha of crop BIO of strawberries.
  • Project ADESVA. Improvement in the duration of the packaged products with PERFOTEC systems, PALLIFLEX 300 and JANNY MT.
  • SIGFITO Agroenvases S. L. to organize a collection system of agricultural packaging to give them a proper environmental treatment.
  • COPERNICUS Certification for sustainable management of soil and water.
  • Project OPTIRIEGO. Control and direction to reduce water use in irrigation.
  • Project IG4. Control and reduction of fertilizers.
  • Implementation of solar panels to produce energy.
  • Project AINIA. Search of Sostenibilidad of fruit and packing of vegetables.

In England, we have warehouses of INVICTA that they receive the fruit for our English customers and in them is a strict review of the fruit so that only leaves the best quality and where we have an own product packaging platform.